Finding and keeping qualified personnel for the inland barging industry is increasingly difficult. A steady influx of qualified personnel is important for the future of the industry. But it’s not just the influx. It’s also about keeping the new employees onboard instead of them working ashore after a year or so. Only then are they able to gather experience, which improves the quality of the services you provide to your clients.

Vital role field trainer
One example of influx are young adolescents from STC Group and other maritime schools. They come onboard your vessels to learn a profession. The Captain then becomes their field trainer or teacher. The way the Captain fulfills his role as field trainer has a big influence on the pupils’ decision to stay aboard after finishing school. If you think back to your own education and ask yourself which topic you found the most appealing. It is often because of the qualities and personality of the teacher. That’s why it is important to train your Captain to be a professional field trainer.foto-workshop-stc-2

Wouldn’t it be great if young Captains already have these skills? They can apply these skills from day one, and not just for students on board. They can also use these skills to lead experienced staff. For that reason we have started a pilot in cooperation with STC Group. A group of students in their fourth and final year have taken a training ‘Field Trainer’ that is custom made for them. Custom made because they do not have any field experience themselves. This makes them the first to come on board your ships with additional skills: communication and leadership. This increases the quality of your staff as a whole, which is beneficial for the quality of your services.

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