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Emprove Shipping


The transportation of hazardous materials entails various risks and obligations. The people on board must be properly educated and training in order to be allowed to transport and tranship these materials. Furthermore, a safety officer must be appointed within your organisation; this officer can be employed by the organisation itself or be hired externally.

Emprove Shipping helps organisations to meet all legal requirements with regard to the transportation of hazardous materials. The services include among other things:

  • Implementation of the legal task of the safety officer
  • Giving on-board training (ADN 1.3 including ADN 1.10)
  • Performing a risk inventory and evaluation (RIE)


The safety officers do not only distinguish themselves due to their knowledge and experience, but also by their people-oriented and social approach. Therefore, in addition to meeting all requirements, attention is also paid for the intention behind all obligations. They are safety coaches who can properly explain to your crew why requirements must be complied with and how the work on board can be performed even safer.

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